Why the Archbishop of Canterbury Thinks A New England Novel Can Change the Future of the Church

This crossed my desk this morning and I thought it would be of interest…

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Archbishop of Canterbury Endorses Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale

Colorado Springs, CO (June 28, 2010)—More than 800 years ago St. Francis of Assisi single-handedly altered the spiritual and political climate of his time. Today, Chasing Francis, a captivating book that examines the lessons the saint can teach contemporary Christians, has received an endorsement from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams.

“I’ve now read it twice and found it equally compelling both times. It’s challenging, disarming and delightful, and the vision behind it is a serious one. It’s a remarkable book,” says Dr. Williams.

This significant endorsement has sparked a renewed interest in Chasing Francis, which is a creative and compelling hybrid of fiction, theology, and historical biography. The first book by Ian Morgan Cron, Chasing Francis masterfully weaves actual accounts of St. Francis’ radical impact on the world into the fictional story of a New England minister on a pilgrimage to regain his faith.

Listen to Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams’ address at the “Fresh Expressions: Changing the Landscape” conference in which he summarizes the plot of Chasing Francis; discusses the five principles the book emphasizes for the church: transcendence, community, beauty, dignity, and meaning; and explains why he is strongly recommending it to others. (Begin at minute mark 23:00.)

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  1. perrymccormick July 1, 2010 at 6:43 pm #

    Hi Mike— Just zipped past your blog today. So glad you are posting more frequently. I happened upon zoecarnate; sites unseen about 2 years ago. Later you posted Kevin Beck’s ebook(excellent). Thank you for finding items like “Chasing Francis” and many of the awesome links you post. Your work is life changing. What I learn and become part of, from many of these sources, lifts me up form intellectual and (sometimes)spiritual isolation that I at times experience in rural NC. Thanks, man!

  2. Mike Morrell July 20, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    You’re quite welcome, Perry!

    Where in rural NC? How far are you from Raleighwood?

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