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Why the Archbishop of Canterbury Thinks A New England Novel Can Change the Future of the Church

This crossed my desk this morning and I thought it would be of interest… For Immediate Release Archbishop of Canterbury Endorses Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale Colorado Springs, CO (June 28, 2010)—More than 800 years ago St. Francis of Assisi single-handedly altered the spiritual and political climate of his time. Today, Chasing Francis, a captivating book that […]

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Ancient-Future Worship: The Odes Project

I’m no musician, but I think a lot about worship-in-song. As I’ve commented some before, I want to see worship become increasingly wise and transformative, with everything from lyrics to tone aiding in the development and formation of the worshiper. (More about this in a post soon – probably something about ‘integral worship.’) This doesn’t […]

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Flash Reviews This Week

In addition to my day job, getting the word out on amazing books via the Speakeasy network, I get sent a lot books for potential review. Larger publishers know the drill – if they’re sending books, particularly unsolicited, it’s hit-or-miss whether they’ll actually get reviewed. But I have a soft spot for self-published and/or first-time authors; […]

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