Raindrops of Love for a Thirsty World

Mike’s note: Scripture attests to an astonishing spiritual reality: A world created by, through, and sustained within a God Who’s all-in-all. We are given the dignity to remain in separation concsciousness if we so choose, but we can also “join to the Lord and become One Spirit” with God (1 Corinthians 6:17 ). What follows is an excerpt from Raindrops of Love for a Thirsty World, a tender invitation to Divine-world cooperation for the good of the whole. Interested in a review copy? We still have a few eBook copies for qualified bloggers via Speakeasy. Find out more here!

Beloved, I am Life. And I invite you, in this perfect moment, to realize that we—you and I—are one Spirit flowing within, and throughout, the infinite realm of matter, and that our unity has always and ever been so. Although for a while you forgot that we were united, that did not mean we were ever separated. It just rendered you briefly insensible to our eternal connection.

Know that I AM your formless Self, communing with you through these words because you desire the conscious reconnection of form and formlessness. The time has come for you to awaken and transcend your imagined limitations so that you can express ever more of your formless Self in the realm of form.

Know too, that the more sincerely you open yourself and allow my formless presence to permeate your awareness, the gentler I can be when communing with you. And the easier that we can harmonize, the more loving, relaxed and joyful will be our experiences and our creative self expressions.

I invite you to notice that I speak with you in our native tongue—the language of Life—all the time. I communicate with you from all around you: through images, sounds, fragrances, movement and touch. I even connect with you from within by inspiring specific moods and feelings. I speak to you through your planet’s rhythms, its energy flows, and your dreams for a brighter tomorrow. I am, in my infinite love for you, endlessly communing with you and encouraging you to awaken to my existence.

Before you were born we existed in undifferentiated unity. But once you were born you were taught to perceive yourself as a separate being. The more you accepted that human story, the more you began to perceive me as a possession that would someday be stolen from you. Eventually, the artificial chasm between us, which your human story created, required you to invent an ego that now claims to be the owner of a life, instead of life itself.

I know how confused you have felt at times as you’ve traveled in the world of form, and how on occasion you’ve struggled to find your proper place in the world. I’ve also watched you grow lost now and then in the dramas of human society. Even so, in this precious now moment you can reclaim your native tongue and commune with me in our mutual language; for the language of Life has been ever your birthright, Beloved.

The doorway that leads directly to me is unlocked and will always stand open. The only key you need is simple willingness to listen to the cosmic melody that plays inside you, so you can dance your way home to your higher Self through the gateway within your own heart.

Eileen Workman spent sixteen years in the financial industry as First Vice President of Investments at a major Wall Street firm. After a profound spiritual awakening, she departed the high-powered world of money and wrote Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life, which questions assumptions about the nature of capitalism. The book is about directing our attention toward the purposeful design of a more compassionate, cooperative, and abundantly flowing economic system from a spiritually-driven perspective. This is an excerpt from Eileen’s newest book, Raindrops of Love for a Thirsty World.

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