Recovering Hope for the Holidays – Homebrewed Christianity with John Pavlovitz, Tripp Fuller & Me

In this special episode of Homebrewed Christianity, I sit down with my friends John Pavlovitz and Tripp Fuller to discuss our holiday initiative, Make Advent Great Again.

Why do we want to make Advent great again? What’s happened to make Advent not-so-great?

What you can expect from the pop-up community – which features contributions from Micky ScottBey Jones, Sarah Heath, Carlos Rodriguez, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, John Caputo and a half-dozen others?

Plus: We reflect on the first year of Trump’s presidency, the fate of progressive Christianity, and where we’re finding hope for the holidays.

Have a listen!

And join Make Advent Great Again if you haven’t already – it’s available to you for any contribution, including love.


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