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The Good Book of Mental Hygiene

The following is an excerpt from The Good Book of Mental Hygiene by Gary Bell. It’s a featured Speakeasy selection, and there are still limited review copies available for qualified reviewers.

A Letter to the Narcissinians
(The Land of the Self-Centered)

Hail to the Narcissians! The only way to heal you is to turn to Jesus, repent your self-serving ways and make God be the center of your lives. It is sad that your delusion of yourself is so influenced from Childhood hurt and the need for attention. Thy ego is all most people see and thy abuse is what your loved ones witness.

Narcissistic, Borderline, Anti-Social and Histrionic Personalities all display continuous emotional turmoil. They are deeply unstable and suck the soul from anyone they interact with consistently.

The cause of these personality disorders comes through being a witness or target of continuous verbal abuse, sexual trauma, unstable emotional family history and poor attachment to anyone. Brain scans show that these disorders have features and the brain muscle is shaped by their early childhood exposure.

The narcissist sees all people as less than them and to be used (like an object) to get what they want. They love to establish relationships with insecure co-dependent people. The co-dependent is shaped into a personality the narcissist needs to prop themselves up. The co-dependent is left with little choice to do what the narcissist wishes, or they will receive the narcissist’s rage.

Sadly, the co-dependent is gaslighted into thinking they are crazy as the narcissist project their own rage about themselves on the co-dependent. The co-dependent is manipulated into believing they cannot survive alone narcissist because the narcissist preys on their deepest fear. Sadly, these people breed and create a new generation (Version 2.0) of narcissists due to the abuse and model they project.

Narcissists are very destructive people who have a deep need to be admired. However, deep inside they are an insecure, lonely little child filled with hate for their life and being found out by many who understand they are being manipulated by them.

Do as I say and not as I do is their mode of operation. That goes for affairs and a life riddled with mistrust and emptiness.

To be reborn, developing a deep and personal relationship with God is one of the only ways for them (all these various personalities) to heal. To emulate Jesus and begin to live within the values taught through the holy word. Daily (even hourly) they must have God first on their mind and be accountable for all their actions and words to Jesus. They must be filled with the breath of the Holy Spirit to make this cathartic change.

They have the opportunity to become self-confident in having something real to offer others rather than remain their own god and the god of anyone who submits to them.

Borderline personalities have the same manic features as a bi-polar, but they are more predictable. These crazy-makers have a deep need for attention, going between being narcissistic and turning immediately to the victim when that doesn’t work. They will go as far as suicide to get attention, and sometimes follow through. People who cut themselves are often found in this clan.

Borderline personalities can be charming at first, and often use their sexual nature to manipulate people. They often have emotional or physical affairs and flirtations. Then they use this information to manipulate and make themselves out as the victim.

This clan of Narcassians (borderline personality) also feature paranoia, gossip and a fear of abandonment. To manipulate with threats or sophisticated bullying is not below them. They are triggered to rage or sadness through minor issues. Often portraying themselves as a person who lives in rules, boundaries and social justice. However, they themselves violate these boundaries in various forms in all of their relationships.

Marriage is a sea of chaos, depression and madness. Once again, they breed the same into their children. Rarely does God play a real and meaningful role in their lives. Sadly, they were shaped this way as a child and the disorder has become them. Only an act of God could help them find some peace in their life.

The Histrionic personalities are attention-seeking soul-suckers. Wild clothing, eccentric characteristics, dramatic presentations make up this clan of Narcissians.

Histrionics can be sexually provocative, with over the top emotions demonstrated by them taking the air out of the room. They can be loud, have dramatic words and expressions with the deep need for empathy and being accepted. God’s love cannot usually be felt by them in the way they cope with their life.

Histrionic people will often use unsubstantiated information to get attention. They actually believe that people are closer to them than they are.

For all personality disorders to begin to heal. They must learn how to love by empathizing with one and all they encounter. This includes their spouse, family and all who know or become victim of their symptoms.

As Christians, our belief in God becoming human in Jesus helps us understand forgiveness for our flaws and ultimately understand the meaning of our lives.

Our flaws are meant to be our testimony in how we overcome them. Personality disorders are absolutely required to submit themselves to God, letting Jesus operate in our lives. Personality disorders cannot be healed through therapy alone. It requires a willingness to accept the diagnosis (or a mix of many) and admit to ourselves we have the issue. At that point we are ready for growth. No one alone can heal a personality disorder without God at your center.

May the Promises of God’s Love Enter Your Hearts!

Praise for The Good Book of Mental Hygiene

“The way Dr. Bell talks about God is so beautiful it’s inspiring. He writes letters to individuals experiencing very personal situations, based on St. Paul letters, without avoiding good self-love and self-care advices. Letters are so well written you can almost imagine the person who the letter is addressed to. One can even see teeny-tiny bits and pieces of oneself in each character.”
—Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

Gary Bell

Gary Bell is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of California and Washington. He also has certified training as a Critical Incident Counselor as well as in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) I & II, Court Mediation, Custody Mediation, Mediation (Business and Family). Professionally, he has counseled over 15,000 people in office and nearly 500 critical incidents for the last 20 years, where God has allowed him to handle first responder situations and bring healing.

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