Access Your Body’s Natural Intuition with Anna DuPree

Anna DuPree
grew up in a conservative religious household that served her in many ways, but some elements just didn’t add up: from a young age, she experienced the subtle energies of her own body, others and the world around her in ways that her church and childhood beliefs simply couldn’t contain.

These experiences led her to a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography, and over 15 years exploring the energy, physicality and artistry of the body through dance. While teaching and lecturing at the university and private levels, she began experiencing even more phenomena that she couldn’t account for in her prior upbringing: gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. These unaccounted-for and life-enhancing experiences led her to study global indigenous practices, eastern spiritual paradigms, western depth psychology and contemporary energy healing models, all bringing her back home to herself, a sense of faithfulness, and deepened community. Now Anna facilitates 1-on-1 sessions, teaches, leads workshops, retreats and events to help people ground-truth spirituality and bodily sensitivity on their own terms.

I got to sit down with Anna and discuss the many ways trauma and joy are stored in our bodies, how to really listen to what these amazing bodies are trying to tell us, and how we can liberate and integrate our emotional and physical bodies for ourselves. Then Anna leads us directly into an embodiment/clearing/pleasure practice that we can try on for size.

I hope you enjoy this conversation! Tune in here:

And if you want to go even deeper, Anna is offering an Emotional Body Release Meditation Video free of charge while also sharing information about upcoming classes and gatherings as well as access to beautiful messages & gifts! You can get access to yours here. And if you mention watching our interview, Anna will give you $50 off any sessions booked with her.



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