Not Only Is He Having The Best Sex Of His Life… He Also Feels Closer To God Than Ever | Michael Hrostoski

So many of you have thanked me for my online dialogues on composting purity culture, healing shame, and building connections between healthy spirituality and sexuality with Tara Teng and Anna DuPree. And a number of you have asked me if there are any men doing transformational teaching in this space, for other men. I’m happy to introduce you today to one such man, who’s doing such good work and inviting others along for the ride!

I met my friend Michael Hrostoski for the first time in 2012 when he completed a men’s rite of passage with the ManKind Project in North Carolina.

Since then we have connected several times over the years, watching each other grow as community leaders, in our vocations, and as explorers of the soul.

I joined his inaugural cohort of his new program Men of Substance, a 10-week sexual potency incubator for married men, men in committed relationships, or men seeking committed partnership. I personally benefited from it a lot and one day I might share some of the insights and highlights from my inner work with you.

I invited Michael to share a message with you and here is what he sent me. Check it out and if you are interested in experiencing high level sex education for adult men, then click on the links below.

If you’d like to learn more about Men of Substance, then click on this first link here.

And if you’d like to grab one of those 1-on-1 spots with Michael while they are still available, then click on this second link here.

In case you didn’t catch this, the next round of this program starts literally one week from today on January 23. Even though this is short notice, I wanted to let you know while you still have an opportunity to join.

I’ll be participating in the program again, for the third time in a row (which obviously speaks for itself), so maybe I’ll see you there and we will continue to grow and evolve together.

When I’m facilitating, participating, or recommending groups or transformational work, it’s important to me to be clear on the focus and strengths of a given container, what “lane” they primarily stay in. Thus I think it’s important to note that Men of Substance is tailored to the experiences and aspirations of men in heterosexual relationships, centering discussions around enhancing the pleasure and connection within these dynamics. While the material, discussion prompts, and exercises offered primarily address interactions between men and women, Michael and Rob want to emphasize that all men (cis and transgender) are welcome to participate, regardless of sexual orientation. Recognizing the diversity of participants, Men of Substance encourages open-mindedness and a shared commitment to personal growth and connection.

Michael Hrostoski helps men create lives that they are proud of. Since 2012, he’s worked directly with hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders, executives, celebrities, professionals, and men who have achieved excellence in their life, but know that there is still much more left to grow into. His work has been called more effective than years of therapy and has created the foundations for several 7-figure businesses and many 6-figure businesses, multiple saved marriages, and many, many men having the best sex of their lives. Again, you can register for Men of Substance here, and/or schedule a 1:1 call with Michael here.
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