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Food & Faith Futures Survey!

It’s research time! I’m conducting 3-in-1 survey about the ways faith communities grow, prepare, share and eat food. Please take my survey if you’re part of a: New Monastic community Catholic Worker community House Church Eco-village Co-housing community Intentional community of any kind …or a congregation unusually committed to matters of food justice and/or sustainability. This survey […]

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A Mosaic of Voices & Feast of Visuals

What if there was a Bible that combined a readable-yet-accurate text with breath-taking art from every continent and era, combined with meditative reflections both ancient and contemporary? What if they ancient voices were similarly from a myriad of ethnicities and theological persuasions, carefully chosen to sing a chorus of praise to the One who eternally Was, […]

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Jasmin Morrell – Cooking Up A Feast of Words

My friend of 10 years and wife of 1.9, mother of our gorgeous and quirky little almost-four-month-old, is an amazing cook. And a better writer than me.  And she’s just written something that deserves attention. Jasmin begins: “I’ve just come from the kitchen where I was slicing potatoes (that will eventually be mashed) for dinner. […]

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