Carrie Newcomer – Geography of Light

Yesterday Jasmin and I had the privilege of hearing Carrie Newcomer at The Arts Center in Chapel Hill. She’s a singer-songwriter folk artist who draws deeply from her Quaker spirituality to tell stories about love, justice, and peace found in the divine embrace. She has a new album out, The Geography of Light.

I first heard of Carrie a few months ago, when she, David Wilcox, and Brian McLaren played a show-conversation together at Jubilee! Community in Asheville, NC in Mid-December. Unfortunately we were already traveling south to Georgia for the holidays or I would’ve tried hard to make it. (Steve Knight offers some great reflections on the event)

Fast-forward to this month, and a mutual friend of Carrie’s and ours connects us at the Chapel Hill stop of her tour in support of her latest release, The Geography of Light on Rounder Records (also home to my pal Ron Block of Alison Krauss & Union Station).

It was a lovely show, an oasis of peace and laughter in the midst of a rather rough work/school week. I plan to write a feature or interview with Carrie soon–we’re going to catch up via email–but for now, I’ll leave you with these two pieces on YouTube. I encourage you to get the album and see her on tour!

This song is pretty funny, eh? Not necessarily representative of the entire album, which on the whole is more ‘meditative/prophetic’. But this is obviously something she feels as strongly about as hope and peace in our time–see her newly-launched Don’t Push Send website where you can share you own hasty email horror stories.

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