I’m Back!

So Jeff Goins recommends ye olde blog very kindly in his Sticky Christian Blogs post, but notes stingingly that “Mike doesn’t blog that much…”


I’d like to think that I’m quite prolific, every other week. ; )  Nonetheless, this is the perfect opportunity to tell you that I’m back. Back from a week or so of traveling to Rome, Atlanta, and West Virginia; back from preaching (kind of) at my alma mater, participating in some Southern home-grown avant-garde worship with Pete Rollins, the Atlanta Emergent Cohort, and The Living Room church in Grant Park; back from some great conversations with Jannan Thomas, the director of DOOR; back from time with family and friends and loved ones.

Back so that this week I can blog about Steve Knight on Google, Tripp Fuller on John Dominic Crossan, Englewood Review of Books and their Christmas Book Giveaway, the Rutba House, and – oh yes – an update on the ROM action…

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Jeff Goins December 5, 2008 at 2:26 pm #

    Sorry man. I guess I should have said, “Mike doesn’t blog as often as I’d like him to.” Hah!

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