Am I Well-Adjusted?

Before you utter a chorus of unequivocal “no!s,” let me clarify that I’m talking about chiropractic adjustment! Here’s a video of a typical chiropractic maintenence adjustement. What I mean by this is, the best chiropractors (in my opinion anyway) are those who are subluxation-focused and specialize in corrective care. They typically take X-rays to monitor progress objectively. Dr. Joe Harris of North Raleigh Chiropractic is all of the above, which is why my family & I see him. He helped Jasmin have a quick and relatively pain-free pregnancy, we have greatly reduced allergies and overall better well-being. If you’re in the Triangle are, I highly recommend you give him a call at 845-0200.

Now get out the popcorn & enjoy what looks like him breaking my neck. 🙂

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  1. Gunnar March 15, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    Actually, I think you should post an open ended question on if people think you are well-adjusted in a non-chiropractic sense, only, force them to read F. Viola’s last blog post first before commenting. That way, you can curry comment favor big time!

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