Flash Review: ‘Churched’ by Matthew Paul Turner

I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned my friend Matthew Paul Turner‘s memoir Churched on the blog before. You should go out and get a copy. This flash review is going to live up to its name; I’m simply going to reproduce for you the blurb I wrote for its back cover, as well as that of Sara Miles:

Churched is funny, poignant, and surprisingly moving. In this deft story of his fundamentalist upbringing Matthew Paul Turner proclaims the good news: that even church can’t drown out the message of Jesus.”
Sara Miles, author of Take This Bread

“Who knew that a journey through faith and fundamentalism could be so painfully funny? I laughed out loud many a time while reading Churched. Matthew Paul Turner manages to channel both boyhood innocence and wry retrospective through this fast-moving account of growing up with Jesus in late 20th-century America, and beyond. Highly recommended!”
Mike Morrell, TheOoze.com

You can follow Matthew on his wildly popular Twitter here.

2 Responses to Flash Review: ‘Churched’ by Matthew Paul Turner

  1. Ira November 28, 2009 at 2:46 pm #

    For record — and I have to be careful here, because I haven’t read the book and have nothing but your favorable review to guard against the possibility of it being disappointing — this is part of what I meant about “stories of resurrection” in an earlier comment.

    For some reason, I’d rather read a memoir these days than another f***ing book about how to have a cool church or an edgy faith.

  2. brotherjohnny November 29, 2009 at 5:53 am #

    looks like an inspirational read.

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