Flash Reviews This Week

In addition to my day job, getting the word out on amazing books via the Speakeasy network, I get sent a lot books for potential review. Larger publishers know the drill – if they’re sending books, particularly unsolicited, it’s hit-or-miss whether they’ll actually get reviewed. But I have a soft spot for self-published and/or first-time authors; it takes a lot of time, energy, and courage to get your first words out there – they warrant some kind of feedback from the reading & reviewing public.

Soo, I’m 30 now. And one of the things I hope this means is that I’m becoming more efficient, and I’ll be falling more and more in a natural rhythm of doing the things that I love doing – including reviewing books. Until said efficiency arrives in its fullness, however, I’m going to herald its arrival this week and the next by doing a series of Flash Reviews – 1-2 sentence reviews of books I’ve received, with the author & ordering information. You need to know about some of these unique and under-the-radar titles that are gracing my library. I’ll be reviewing many of the titles in ‘genre clusters,’ including ‘House Church,’ ‘Holy Spirit,’ and ‘Christian Universalist.’

Watch this space!


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