A Chance to Redefine

It’s a new year, friend. And what a previous year it’s been.

I, for one, resolve to remember the lessons of this past year while letting go of their trauma,

Savoring the relationships while releasing the heartbreak;

Celebrating the amazing growth I’ve experienced while embracing all the parts of me and my world – even the regressive ones that I’d rather not see the light of day.

Fully receiving, and living out of, my unshakable union with God – the center, circumference, and circle-dance of Being Itself –

Graciousness and deep peace multiplied in true knowing, building on what I’ve been given;

Preparing to embrace this year with faith (not blind), and hope (always more searching than hopelessness), seeking to discover within me and my relationships goodness, full-spectrum knowing, alert heartfulness, passionate patience, reverent wonder, compassionate warmth, and generous love – each dimension fitting into and developing the others.*

Nurturing these qualities, active and growing, eyes wide open, transforming the pain, injustices, and setbacks into resolve for intelligent labor – inner, interpersonal, and systemic.

To further develop true seeing, recognizing that our redemption happens together.

There is no liberation without collaboration, and collaboration gives birth to co-liberation.

Are you with me?

If so, sing along with one of my favorite New Year’s songs…

So let’s press undo.
Rearrange the old and call it new-
January white.

Every calendar is playing the same old trick:
A year will disappear, replaced with counterfeit
But we’ll never really mind.

’cause if nothing else, we’re given a little time
To change the game, a chance to redefine
Everything we are,
In our January white.

This year is a sealed envelope,
A culmination of hopes,
The lottery result that we’ve been crossing fingers for.

We could paint our walls a lighter shade of blue,
Or we could pack our bags and change the entire view
To January white.

If nothing else, we’re given a little time
To change the heart in which we change our minds;
Our hourglasses turn.

This year is a sealed envelope;
With apprehensive hope
We brace for anything.
I swear, I understand that nothing changes that,
The past will be the past,
But the future is brighter than any flashback.

Well, we could let our guards down a little easier this time,
We could trust that when there’s joy, there’s nothing dark behind.
In spite of history,
Hope is January white.

This year, we’re starting over again
Letter openers in hand,
A chance to take a chance.
I swear, I understand that the past will be the past,
And nothing changes that,
But the future is brighter than any flashback.

Sleeping at LastJanuary White 

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*With a nod toward 2 Peter 1, especially The Message translation.

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