Parenting with Presence through Faith Transition: Deconstructing Mamas

So you’re undergoing a major spiritual transition, and it’s feeling seismic enough for you. But you also have kids…what do you do?

As we continue life’s journey and ferment our own faith, embracing mystical response-ability and consciously choosing the paradigms, practices, and people who aid our spiritual health rather than degrade it, many of us are wondering how parenting works, now.

As I’m sorting through my own beliefs, practices, and community forms, how on earth do I relate to my kids??

This is why I deeply appreciate the work of Esther Joy Goetz and Lizz Enns Petters in Deconstructing Mamas, a podcast exploring the ins and outs of faith reclamation in the context of living well with the children in our lives.

I loved getting to sit down with them recently to share candidly about my own parenting pathways — with all their lush scenery, prickly brambles, and forks in the road. We talk about neurodivergent parenting (us and our kids!), how to parent with grace when our own beliefs and certitudes are in flux, discovering ourselves afresh, and how the two archetypal trees in Eden’s garden serve as a potent symbol for letting go of dualistic sorting and opening to more contemplative embrace, in our parenting and our lives.

Here’s a fun snippet of our rich conversation, which you can watch on Facebook or Instagram:

If this intrigues you, tune in for our entire episode here!

And for some great discussion prompts inspired by our episode, check these out.

How do you parent in your deconstruction journey? And what did you think of this episode? Please let me know in the comments!

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