Fat Mikie Works Out

So in this video, I’m doing a little penance for my six-week travel-time fat gain. I have four months to go to meet my 30th birthday goals – are you on pins & needles yet??


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  1. Johnny July 6, 2009 at 10:25 pm #

    Four minutes a day?

    I don’t doubt that it’s an intense workout, but even so….
    it’s only four minutes!

    Maybe consider Bruce Lee’s exercise philosophy.
    Basically it is this:
    Exercise ‘all the time’.
    Walk instead of drive- if you drive, purposely park further away from your destination- stay active (as much as possible)in everything that you are doing- consciously challenge yourself physically at all times…

    Sounds somewhat obsessive, but then again look at what caliber of an athlete he became!

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