How can we find wholeness? My super-vulnerable conversation with Dr. Jerome

I try to be real with y’all, but I have to admit: I don’t often cry while the camera is rolling. But of course I did in this conversation with my buddy, Dr. Jerome Lubbe — he’s one of the most genuine, disarming people I know.

I first met Dr. Jerome in 2016, during the lead-up to the release of my book with Fr. Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation. He’d reached out through a friend-of-a-friend, wanting to talk about the connections he saw between neurobiology and the Trinity.

Now let’s just say I get…interesting requests like this from time to time, and I don’t always have the bandwidth to connect with folks I don’t know greeting me with arcane proposals! But I was going to be in Atlanta soon, and I decided to take a chance on meeting.

I’m so glad I did; our initial coffee at Dancing Goats in Decatur has spurred on over a half-decade of sharing, insight, mutual support, and has led me to one of my very dearest friends.

So who is this guy, and what does he do when he’s not drawing back-of-napkin-graphs correlating the Divine Persons with the lobes of the brain?

Dr. Jerome has created a safe space for patients for over a decade. He’s wise beyond his years and has a gift for guiding people toward actionable, incremental transformation. After years of struggling through his own painful journey toward healing, he eventually became the Doctor he was looking for. He’s developed a neurologically-focused clinical practice that specializes in helping people through complex mental and physiological conditions. He listens, asks insightful questions and connects the dots in his patient’s experiences unlike anyone else I’ve seen.

Over the years, Dr. Jerome has handed me some valuable tools that help me manage my thoughts, emotions, and habits. He’s helped me grow both personally and vocationally. His unique blend of neuroscience knowledge, practical spirituality and deep compassion give him such a unique perspective, which I dive into in our conversation here.

In this dialogue, Dr. J and I talk about How Brain and Heart Create Whole-Life Coherence. We share stories and strategies about how to move toward greater wholeness in our lives. We get practical and vulnerable. (In truth, we’re both crying at different points, listening and diving into each other’s stories. It gets real.)

Please tune in, right here:

If you watch this, I’d like to hear from you in the comments below:

What did you think?

What did you feel?

Is there something in Dr Jerome’s story or mine that especially resonates with you?

If we hop online for another of these conversations, what other questions would you like us to address?

If you enjoy our conversation, I think you’d really get a lot out of Dr. Jerome’s full-length course exploring these themes, called Finding Safety: Sustainable Strategies for Self-Care.

It ties together his passions and expertise in functional neurology, Biblical storytelling, theology, and a deep understanding of the Enneagram…in other words, it covers life, the universe, and everything, keeping us on the edge of our seats while our feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Dr. Jerome’s self-paced labor of love moves from high-level brain-and-body teaching to down-to-earth application.

With this course, you get:
  • 6.5 Hours of Video Content
  • 19 Illustrated Sketch Notes
  • 19 Printable PDF Worksheets
  • Extended Learning Resources

This is normally a $499 course, and worth every penny of that. Indeed, a single clinical hour with Dr. Jerome is $500. Finding Safety provides six-and-a-half hours with Dr. Jerome, what folks travel from around the world for at an investment of $3,500.

But I have great news: through special arrangement with this team, I’m able to offer you this 6.5 hour functional neurology-informed course for only $99 if you order it via this link. The price goes back to $499 after December 31, so be sure to get this now if you were considering it.

If you or someone you love could use more grounded wholeness, I can’t think of a better guide. I hope you take advantage of this offer.

Either way, I wish you a continuing holiday season where all of you belongs, and nothing is left out.

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  1. Joe Masterleo November 22, 2022 at 8:58 am #

    Hi, Mike. Listened intently to your video conversation with Dr. Jerome re: wholeness and self-care. Thanks for including it. Upon reflection, it occurred to me that the place of transparency and authenticity each of you gravitated toward in your exchanges went from being an informative dialogue on the science of Jerome’s specialty and techniques, to a deep, resonant communion within and between each of you (and divine presence) that was itself healing and whole-making per se, and also for the viewer. That is, if the latter allowed themselves to vulnerably go there, and join each of you experientially. For me, that locus of being is not only heartfelt in a joining way, but doubles, or triples (in a trinitarian way) that liminal space or liminal consciousness (the God self) between worlds that joins everything universally. In my view, that level of self/other connectivity transcends whatever disorders afflict both psyche and soma, and thus has a trickle-down effect in healing or mitigating them and their existence on the lower levels (psychized-somatized) of vibratory existence. In some ancient languages, the words heal-whole-holy derive from the same root. I say “gravitated” because gravitas is the individual and collective Omega or Attractor point that not only originates (creates) but like a magnet draws all things back to itself in choreographies of oneness and separateness, like diastole and systole, inhalation and exhalation, alternating current, or the ebb and flow seen in the cycles of nature that we’re an integral part of. Also, Jerome’s other 6 points go without saying under the rubric of self-care and wholeness, particularly for you when it comes to movement and exercise. Those estranged from the body that way are often heartily disconnected from psyche, spirit, nature and others in a divisive way. So keep up the exercises and see if that doesn’t make a difference on the rest of your frame.

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