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A Lie by Any Other Name | Faith Lies | Darrell Smith

The following is an excerpt from Faith Lies: Seven Incomplete Ideas That Hijack Faith and How to See Beyond Them by Darrell Smith. It’s a featured Speakeasy selection, and there are still limited review copies available for qualified reviewers. Religion has given people great comfort in a world torn apart by religion. — Jon Stewart William Shakespeare’s tragedy […]

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The Seventh Story | Gareth Higgins and Brian McLaren

The following is an excerpt from The Seventh Story, a brand-new release from Gareth Higgins and Brian McLaren about the six stories that divide us and the Seventh Story that unites. It’s paired with a unique, beautifully-illustrated children’s book they’ve also written, both of which are available for order in time for Christmas at […]

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All Creation Radiant: My Conversation with Matthew Fox

As part of our ongoing Cosmic Campfire Book Club with Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity and ‘Science’ Mike McHargue of The Liturgists, I got to sit down with one of my all-time heroes, Matthew Fox: In our conversation, Matthew and I discuss: How Creation Spirituality re-orients our relationship to God and Science The transformative power of […]

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