Beyond Fairytales: Exploring Mythic Sexuality with Anna DuPree

I’m really happy to be sitting down again with my friend Anna DuPree — inner journey guide, somatic worker, and sacred intimacy coach. Here’s what we get into in this conversation!

In the tapestry of human experience, our journey through sexuality and self-discovery is often marked by profound tension and unspoken desires. This tension can be rooted in a history steeped in religious and puritanical suppression, where sexuality is simultaneously exalted and shamed. Women and femme folk in particular are entrapped in the pervasive virgin/whore dichotomy, an archetype that echoes through our culture and stories.

Masculine beings are said to embody the archetypes of the King, Warrior, Lover, the Magician. For feminine beings, according to Anna, these archetypes morph into the Virgin, the Whore, the B!#ch, the Witch, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone. These symbols emerge in our myths and fairy tales, embedding themselves in our unconscious.

We are taught that purity and valor are the keys to a happily ever after, where women must remain virginal damsels and men must be strong dragon slayers. Yet, living out these fairy tales brings with it heavy baggage and unfulfilled promises.

The lie of “you complete me,” as epitomized in the film Jerry Maguire, is perhaps the most destructive narrative of all. Our true journey lies in aligning with our own hearts, finding our authentic selves before seeking union with another. True connection is not born of codependency but through a deep, intrinsic alignment with our desires.

Desire itself, often vilified by religious doctrine, is the divine spark of creation. In some Hindu myths, desire ignites the very universe into being, splitting the oneness into a duality driven by the impulse to be seen. This divine desire transforms into jealousy, greed, and envy — yet through emotional alchemy, these can evolve into love, self-love, compassion, and generosity.

The dance of give and receive, take and allow, is not just physical but elemental: Earth, fire, air, and water inform our touch and our connection, requiring an intelligence that integrates our life force. When repressed, this life force dims our sexuality and overall vitality. Finding alignment within ourselves, by contrast, unleashes this potent energy. Emotional alchemy is crucial.

Our nervous systems — entrenched in patterns of fight or flight — need healing to move through anger and disappointment. Pathways in our nervous systems become deeply ingrained, but with physical, spiritual, and emotional practices, we can facilitate profound healing.

In this journey, we encounter nervous systems that have shut down, unable to access desire or turn-on despite theoretical longing. Many can only experience arousal through masturbation or p0r, often accompanied by guilt.

But what IS desire? To truly know our desires, we must look beyond fleeting whims to the deeper callings of our soul. Sexual fulfillment emerges when we engage heart, spirit, and the Divine, not just the body.

There’s an unexpected upside of growing up seeped in religion: those of us who are spiritually inclined are often attuned to their hearts and the Divine; our task is to embody this awareness fully.

The tantric symbol of the Trident represents this balance: the Divine/Angelic, the Primal/Animalistic, and the Human in between.

Embracing our sexuality as part of our embodiment journey means not severing our lower chakras, where safety, power, resources, and mating reside.

Human Design reveals three pathways of sexuality: Tribal, Individual, and Abstract. We may resonate with all, none, or somewhere in between. Human Design — a model of human motivations and behavior rooted in the I Ching — offers an energetic map of our influences, guiding us toward understanding and integrating our diverse sexual expressions. In this journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening, we strive for alignment, harnessing our life force in a way that honors our true desires and connects us with the Divine essence of our being.

If this sounds compelling to you, please tune in!


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